Interactive Plat Maps

Allowing buyers to search, interact with, and choose their new home community with the help of Google Maps®.

If you’re not providing interactive content to your website visitors you’re increasing your bounce rate.

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No Addresses…No Streets! No Problem! Show off your new inventory in Google Maps® before the shovel hits the dirt and let your buyers be the first to own newly developed land!


Create a unique experience for your new home buyers with real-time interactive inventory! Buyers can investigate while navigating your new home communities!


Each lot has its own contact form to generate lot and/or house specific sales leads!  Once the buyer finds their lot or house they can contact you immediately!

Displaying your Plat Map

Submit Your New Community

First add your new home community to your Builder Plots account.  This will include details like name, location, pricing, & community amenities.

Get a Google Maps API Key

In order to showcase your interactive plat map on your website you will need a Google Maps API Key.  Click here to get a key

Copy, Paste, & Save!

Now showoff your new interactive map on your website or model home kiosk with just one line of code. Literally copy, past, & save!

Live example: The Highlands

Standard Features

Responsive Design

Ready for any device desktop, mobile phone, or tablet! It also works with any touch screen device!


No more empty searches! Your plat map’s search bar will only show what you have available.


Your plat map’s legend will only show what is on the map.


Providing the convenience of printing your plat map for your buyers!


Google Maps® doesn’t have the address? Get directions with our map powered by Google turn-by-turn directions.


Buyers can share your community plat map with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Pinterest. Get noticed everywhere!


Each pop-up window has a contact form to generate lot and/or house specific leads!

Visually Rich Graphics

Bringing your new home community to life with trees, water features, trails, and more!


Users can switch from the default style to satellite or terrain, then back to the default style just like in Google Maps!


Toggle layers to locate Schools, Bike Trails, Parks, & Traffic


Standard Google Maps® functions like zoom in/out and pan with mouse

Info Window

Display Address, description, an image, and house details! Oh and more!!

Background Imagery

Shady Brook Example
  • Addresses

    No Address in Google Maps; No Problem! We can show the future address of each lot

  • Lot & Block

    No addresses yet? Add each plots specific lot and block designation for easy customer reference

  • Square Footages

    Show each plots square footage and/or acreage…your buyers may be looking for a minimum lot size

  • Trails

    Promote activity with walking, running, and/or biking trails

  • Water Features

    Showing new home buyers a new pond and/or water feature only creates buzz for your new neighborhood

  • Parks & Greenbelts

    Buyers love open spaces! Show everyone what the community will look like upon completion

Account Dashboard

Lot Data

We can connect to your lot management system! OR you can use ours to set pricing, add an image, change status, and much more!

Status Names

Not everyone uses the same lingo! Thanks to our coders you can use custom names! Change lot to Plot OR Spec to Showcase Home all within your dashboard!

Map Controls

Zoom level, lot colors, search, status names, and so much more! Control your map through your account’s dashboard!

Info Window

Sold that lot? Dictate which inventory status allows users to see the pop-up window!

Map Type

Choose the best background for each individual community; Builder Plots Default, Google’s Road Map, or Satellite! Each community map type is set independently.


Change your search bar and map buttons to match your site! You can also customize lot colors!