Interactive Plot Plans

Building buyer excitement while choosing their new home with the help of house transparencies and base plot plans.

If you’re not creating buyer excitement with interactive materials you’re increasing your bounce rate.

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Pick a lot

Choose the lot that best fits your buyers needs form the to-scale plot plans we provide of each individual lot

Pick a house

Now select the provided to-scale house transparency that meets all your buyer’s requirements

See if it fits

Overlay the house transparency on top of the plot plan to see if the house fits.  Turn the transparency over for different garage orientations

Base Plot Plan

  • Sidewalks

    Paved paths adjacent to and running along roads

  • Lot Areas

    Square footage and/or acreage of entire lot width and depth

  • Streets

    Paved road adjacent to plot for driveway access

  • Walls

    Retaining and/or screening structure within the lot

  • Lot Dimensions

    Bearings and distances along each lot line

  • Build Lines

    Outlined area in which a habitable structure can be built

  • Easements

    Non-buildable areas designated for specified purpose

  • Utilities

    Water & Sewer Connections, storm inlets, & fire hydrants


House Transparency Overlays

  • Garage Orientations

    Left & right driveways; just turn the transparency over

  • Foundation

    Outermost edges of concrete slab

  • Floor Plan

    Outline of each room on first floor with room labels

  • Dimensions

    Overall length and width of foundation